Customer Care

We want to create good relationships with all of our engineers and customers. To do that good communication is key, therefore feel free to message us via the integrated messaging app on the website for any help you may need. Alternatively send us an email:

Privacy & Safety

All personal information collected upon  a purchase is stored safely. We also guarantee all customers that your audio files are safe. The Audio Plug only works along side selected engineers, therefore we can ensure that your music will not be stolen or plagiarised. 


Should the work you receive not be to the standard of your expectation, subject to approval we are more than happy to refund, however if the work undertaken is to a professional standard and it is purely stylistic taste that has left you to feel dissatisfied, we can NOT refund you, but we will work with you and the engineer who carried out the work to resolve the issue. 

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards


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