Juan mainly produces and mixes UK dance music styles such as: Jungle, Dubstep, Grime, Dancehall, Dub ect.


Recently Juan has been working more with recorded world music, mainly Cuban and latin styles for now, however i’d also like to work more on African, Middle Eastern, and Jazz music.


Juan has been producing for five years and is currently in his final year of a Music Production and Sound Engineering BA Hons degree. As a side project Juan has started a record label and has been helping the artists with production and mixing on the following releases.


Mastering for donations is also available, send over your pre master track, pay what you feel is fair when you get it back. while doing this for a cheap rate/free I hope to develop my own skills, learn to work with more genres and help others understand how to make music that transfers well across many playback systems including sound systems.

juan sevilla

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